Hi :< 
Not in mood today. I miss someone :<
I miss you, Amir Shafei. Seriously, I miss you so much.
I miss your voice. I miss your joke. I miss your text. I miss your advice.
I miss everything T_T
No more good night sayang, No more Princess, No more ILY, No more IMY x'(
Haih ~ I feel suffer without you.
I tired to forget you,, but my heart can't let you go.
Those memories we had together makes my tears fall when I think about it.
 I can't tell you how much I want you back and you will never be replace in my heart. 
You are not my no.1 but my only 1. Those were the times we thought that this feeling won't end. We never want to let each other go. I remember when my tears fall just because I don't want you to go.
 I remember you promise me to never let me go and you promised it.
 I never try to have you out of my mind and heart. 
Every topic I write in my diary is about you, I usually forget the world I'm living in but I didn't forget you. 
I remember you said that you were scared to lose me.
 You said you won't regret being with me. No matter how bad or cruel I am. You said that love doesn't matter from outside what important is the inside that was on the other side. i never thought that LOVE hurts so much. i was on the other side. I was too hoping on our FRIENDSHIP. I was too depending on it.
 I can't tell you how sad and disappointed I am right here, right now.
 I cried every night just to release those stress and trying to forget you.
even though now I have ammar, You still number 1 in my heart. No one will take over your place :'> 
Please forgive me, dear. Give me 1 chance to love you again.
I can't forget you.
okay, this is the last time you said ILY to me.

#Wendy B Lusat  :DD

Terima Kasih Kerana Membaca ^^

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